Terms of Use

1.Website Ownership
These Terms and Conditions of Use (refered to as “Terms of Use”) applies to astronergy.com and all related websites linked to astronergy.com by Chint New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (refered to as “Astronergy”), its branches and affiliates, including the websites of Astronergy worldwide (collectively referred to as the “Website”) The Website is the property of Astronergy.

2.Website Statement
Your access to the Website means that you have understood and accepted the Terms of Use. If you do not agree to any of the following terms, please stop using the Website.
Astronergy reserves the right to modify, increase/decrease, cancel, suspend, interrupt or terminate the services provided by the Website (in whole or in part) at any time without informing you in advance. We take no responsible when exercising the above rights. It is your responsibility to check these Terms of Use regularly to see if there are any changes. If you continue to use the Website after the changes are published, it means that you accept and agree to such changes.

3.Limitations on Use
As long as you abide by these Terms of Use, Astronergy grants you the personal, non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable and limited right to access and use the Website for legal and non-commercial purposes only. During your use of the Website, you must abide by all applicable laws and regulations, this document and all relevant agreements, regulations and procedures, and follow the procedures and practices related to the use of the Internet, and the contents and services of the Website. You must not use the Website to engage in any illegal and criminal activities that endanger national security or harm social and public interests, including but not limited to splitting the country, instigating others to commit crimes, infringing on computer security systems, interfering with or confusing network services, etc. You must not use the Website to engage in any behavior that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet, infringe on any legitimate rights and interests of Astronergy or any other third parties, or engage in any behavior that harms the interests of Astronergy or adversely affects Astronergy.
When you access to the Website, you need to abide by the relevant regulations and terms. You are not allowed to use any automatic devices, programs, algorithms or methods to access to, acquire, copy or monitor any part or content of the Website, and you are not allowed to attempt to access to any part or function of the Website by hacking, cracking passwords or other illegal means. You should not detect, scan or test whether there are loopholes in the Website or any network connected to the Website, destroy the security or authentication measures taken for the Website or any network connected to the Website, search, track or attempt to track any other users or visitors about the Website or disclose any information. You should not take any actions that will bring unreasonable or disproportionately high load to the infrastructure of the Website or Astronergy’s system or network, or to any system or network connected to this website or Astronergy. You should not forge headers or manipulate identifiers artificially in other ways to disguise the source of any information or transmission you send to Astronergy on the Website or any services provided by it, or pretend to be or represent others, or pretend to be any other person or entity.

4.Intellectual Property Rights
You acknowledge you understand the contents of the Website are protected by applicable laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and other related countries, including but not limited to copyright law, trademark law and patent law. The intellectual property rights of any content in the Website (including but not limited to data, words, logos, pictures, audio or video) belong to Astronergy and related parties. Without prior written consent, you are not allowed to copy, modify, spread, distribute, reprint, play, disassemble, reversely engineer or decompile any content of the Website, or connect or transmit such content by hyperlink, load such content on other servers by "mirroring", store such content in information retrieval system or use such content by other means. Access to the Website does not grant you permission to use any intellectual property rights of Astronergy or any third party. Without prior written permission, you may not use the name, trademark and logo of Astronergy in any way.

5.Protection of User’s Personal Information
The relevant terms and conditions of Astronergy's Privacy Policy apply to the Website. Your access to the Website means you agree that Astronergy can use such information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

6.Account, Password and Security
Some functions or services provided on or through the Website may require you to open an account. You must follow the prompts in the applicable registration form and provide us with your latest, complete and accurate information to finish the registration process. Moreover, you will choose a password and user name. You are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of such password and account. In addition, you should be fully responsible for any activities carried out under your account. You agree to inform Astronergy immediately if you find any unauthorized use of your account or any other behavior that damages security. Astronergy will not be liable for any losses caused by others using your password or account with or without your knowledge. However, you may be liable for the losses caused to Astronergy or the other party by others using your account or password. You are not allowed to use other people's accounts at any time without the permission of the account owner.

7.External Link
The Website may contain links to other independent third-party websites ("linked websites"). Those linked websites are provided only for your convenience and are neither controlled by Astronergy, nor do they mean that you are granted permission to access to or use those websites. Astronergy does not recognize or be responsible for the contents of such linked websites (including any information or materials contained in such linked websites). When you interact with those linked websites, you need to make your own judgment and bear the relevant responsibilities.

Astronergy will provide accurate information on the Website as much as possible, but will not enable full guarantee for the accuracy, completeness, omission-free and applicability of the text, pictures, data, web pages and other contents and materials in the Website. Astronergy clearly declares that it will not be responsible for the above, nor will it make any expression or implied guarantee for those materials and contents, including but not limited to the guarantee of ownership, non-infringement of the rights of third parties, quality, etc. As far as Astronergy’s products or services displayed in the Website are concerned, the specifications, design, price and supply of such products or services may change from time to time, and pictures or effect demonstration diagrams may also be different from the actuality. Therefore, all products or services should be based on the actuality and subject to relevant sales contracts or terms. No guarantee or recognition is provided for any product or service information or quality under this disclaimer.
Astronergy is not responsible for any damages, losses or expenses related to the Website or any linked websites, caused by the use of the Website or any linked websites, or incurred by failure of any party to use the Website or any linked websites, any performance failure, operation or transmission errors, omissions, interruptions, loopholes, or delays, or computer viruses, line errors or system failures, even if Astronergy has been informed of the possibility of the above damages, losses or expenses in advance.

9.Limitation of Liability
Astronergy will not be liable for any direct, indirect, derivative, disciplinary, incidental or punitive damages (including loss of interests), even if Astronergy has been informed of the possibility of such damages, except as prohibited by law.

If any cause of action, claims, demands, expenses, losses, lawsuits, government investigations and/or punishments, damages and liabilities are brought by any third party against Astronergy due to or related to your use of the Website, you should try your best to defend Astronergy and agree to compensate and hold harmless Astronergy and its senior officers, directors, shareholders, former or successor stakeholders, employees, agencies, subsidiaries and affiliates.

11.Dispute Settlement and Governing Laws
By accessing to the Website, you agree that the laws of People's Republic of China (excluding Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan Province for the purpose of this statement) will apply to all matters related to the Website, except for the provisions that conflict with laws.
Any dispute arising from this statement or the use of the Website shall be settled through negotiation. If the negotiation fails, all parties agree that the settlement of dispute shall be under the jurisdiction of the people's court with jurisdiction in Astronergy's location.
Astronergy reserves the right to interpret this statement and the use of the Website.